Men's League

Men's 18 Hole Skins League - Mondays & Fridays

Also known as Skins, serious golf, handicap applies. 9:00 am average start time.  The purpose of the Skins game is to play by current USGA Rules that will apply to all situations other than those local club rules set forth below.  We play safe, "ready golf" from tee to green to speed up play.

The cost of the ball game is $3.00 payable in $1.00 bills in addition to your normal round of golf and cart fees.  $2.00 goes into the Skins pot and $1.00 goes into the Nassau pot.  Your payment is made at the end of your round.  Should you fail to complete your round for any reason other than suspended play for weather, etc., your $3.00 is still payable.  Please give your fee to a playing partner who will turn it in.

Each player must have a certified handicap in order to participate.  Should your handicap be in excess of 36, then you must play to a 36, the highest handicap allowed at this time.

EXCEPTION: Only one handicap stroke is allowed on any Par 3.

All men will play from the yellow tees.  All women will play from the red tees.

The following local rules shall apply.

  1. Any ball that touches or crosses a public road is out of bounds.
  2. Mulched landscape areas are "grounds under repair".
  3. Any ball in the fairway or rough that is resting on or adjacent to a rock or is in a clay dirt area may be dropped to the nearest piece of grass, no closer to the hole without penalty.  Should a ball rest in a hazard on or near a rock that would damage the club head during your swing, you may move the ball in the hazard up to two club lengths no closer to the hole without penalty. Otherwise, you have a "non playable " lie.  
  4. Your drive ball in the fairway on holes number 7 and 11 may be lifted, cleaned and placed in accordance with local wet fairway areas.
  5. A ball coming to rest on a cart path may be lifted and placed but MUST stay on the same side of the cart path.  You and your partners must be in agreement as to which side to drop the ball on.
  6. Daily local rules may apply such as lift, clean & place in accordance with announced course conditions.  These will be announced before the start of play.
  7. The drop area for both men and women on holes #8 and #11 are the silver tees.
  8. The sand cart path on hole #5 is a hazard. 
  9. Other rules may be established from time to time as necessary.

Ed: 20th June 2019

Men's League Officers

Greg Johnston   President 407-461-5867


Men's 9 Hole League - Tuesdays

Jon Geist

Michael Meades




The purpose of the league is to play by modified current USGA and local rules combined with some special league rules.  Our goal is to have fun and enjoy each other's company.  Teams will be made from a blind "handicapped draw" with A, B, and C players.  An A player has a handicap of 20 or less, a B player a handicap of 20 to 30 and a C player of 30+.  We play safe and "ready golf" to keep play moving.

The cost of the ball game is $2 payable before you play in $1 bills.  There will be one closest to the pin hole that pays $3 to the winner.  Other team payments are made based upon the number of teams and players for that day.  This fee is in addition to your greens fees and cart fees.  

The play format is scramble or captains choice.  The games are made up and each team will receive a game card that designates the Tee you hit from and whether the hole is a "Regular scramble" or "Texas scramble."  You will be advised of the closest to the pin hole.  A regular scramble is your team's best ball to the hole.  A Texas scramble requires that the team captain choose the best drive and each player hits his own ball to the hole with the two lowest scores combined place on the card. 

You may be assigned to a two man team with an extra shot.  One person hits two balls to the hole on alternating holes.  You have three balls in play.  The lowest ball goes into the score card or in a Texas scramble, the two lowest balls.

  1. You may opt to take your best ball out of a sand trap, place it two club lengths away and keep the sand trap in play without a penalty stroke.
  2. You may lift, clean and place a ball up to one club length anywhere except on a green or in a hazard no closer to the hole without penalty at any time.
  3. If your best ball is out of bounds, there is no distance penalty.  Move your ball backwards on its line of flight to the nearest piece of grass with a one stroke penalty.
  4. If your best ball is in a hazard, you have up to two club legths of relief without penalty but must stay in the hazard.
  5. If your best ball is declared an "unplayable lie" you may declare such and move the ball backwards out of the hazard on its line of flight as far as you wish with a one stroke penalty.
  6. If your best ball in the fairway or rough is resting on a rock or lying in a clay dirt area, the ball may be dropped on the nearest piece of grass no closer to the hole without penalty.
  7. If your best ball is resting on a cart path the ball may be placed without penalty to the fairway side of the cart path within two club lengths and no closer to the hole.
  8. The sand cart path on hole #5 is a waste bunker.
  9. The drop area for holes #8 and #17 are the silver tees.
  10. You must use each team player's Tee shot once.  You must use each team player's fairway shot once, except on Texas scramble holes.
  11. Daily local rules may be announced before play because of course conditions.
  12. Other rules may be established from time to time as necessary.
  13. All situations other than above must be handled in accordance with current USGA and posted club rules.

This is the less serious of our Mens Leagues, this is a best ball, Texas scramble game that includes two closest to the pin holes.  Usually 15 - 30 players.  For more information regarding this casual league call one of the coordinators, email, or sign up in the Pro Shop. Check the calendar of events for tee times.  The game format is team scramble so it is fun for all levels of golfers. 9:00 am average start time.


Men's 18 Hole League - Wednesdays

Contact Contact Info
Jim Friesen or 864-784-9022
Michael Meades 864-972-1677
Greg Johnston or 407-461-5867


Regulation play with two closest to the pin holes.  Points are used; 1 for par, 2 for birdie, 3 for eagle, etc.  Usually 12-18 players. 9:00 am average start time




Handicap service available at the Pro Shop.  See Luke for Details    

Email or sign up in the Pro Shop 48 hours in advance.